On the scale from
1 to 10, we are 10n

Developed by a well established brokerage, experience has instilled these values on our core

Shaping the investment app of the future

Creating a single trading ecosystem for all to employ with ease, giving you the ability to build your own financial wealth.


Easy to start, easy to understand and easy to use.


Layers of financial protection every step of the way for your ease of mind.


Always looking for new tools and services, we are shaping 10n the way you need it.

Who we are

Created by the successful brokerage Alaric Securitues, we have the inhouse technologies and resources to provide features, stability and security not many on the market can accomplish.

We are a like minded team of professionals who know the ins and outs of the financial markets. We use our knowledge and expertise to bring a diverse set of tools that are easy to use.

We use those tools to simplify the stock trading process and give you the ability to call the shots on your investments.

Our Mission

Our Mission

It’s every person’s right to have access to instant and innovative trading services without binding contracts and fear of getting overcharged.

Bringing the stock market to everyone, without commissions and subscription fees, in a more understandable and approachable state is our vision for the future of investing.

The Teams behind the Scenes

TheTechnical Gurus

The coders, the programmers and designers that make the vision come to reality

Business & Development

Constantly on the move our business people work quietly to forge new features and find new trading opportunities for you

Operations & Support

The stress relievers that take every customer query to heart and find the best possible solution for it. Keeping everything transperant

The Decision Makers

With 20+ years of expereince, our top Dogs and CEOs have the know-how and the connections to lay the strong foundations of the 10n dream